The release of BigTuna - Ruby community rocks!

Last week we (me and @michalbugno) have released BigTuna, a Continuous Integration server written in Rails 3 and using delayedjob. So what happened over the last few days?


Immediately after releasing BigTuna, it amassed some watchers on github. We noticed quite a few mentions of BigTuna on Twitter, with people immediately asking us for some screenshots or a demo of the app (a thing we actually forgot about). Our website soon reached a few thousand hits and by looking up Traffic Sources in Google Analytics we were able to determine that people are actually starting to use BigTuna to test their software. Which is an amazing feeling.

Soon after that, we have been linked by a some blog posts which also brought some traffic to our site letting more and more people know about BigTuna.

Finally, yesterday (12/7/2010), @greggpollack and @nbibler covered BigTuna in their Ruby 5 podcast, which slightly blew our minds (especially the pronunciation of our surnames ;-) ). Huge thanks go to both of them, since we immediately noticed even more people getting interested in the project.

Feedback and contributors

BigTuna's github account also had some people help the project out almost immediately after its release.

François Lamontagne helped us out by creating XMPP notifications for BigTuna which have since then been merged into the app.

@unsay implemented Mercurial support, so now BigTuna is not just git-only.

We also got a few minor fixes from @knoopx and @jstotz. Thanks guys for the help.

What’s next?

We are extremely happy with all the feedback we received. Once again I was reassured that the Ruby community rocks. People were eager to check BigTuna out, spread the word and help make it better without getting anything in return. This is a huge encouragement to try and help others out in making coding in Ruby even more fun.

As BigTuna’s userbase grows, hopefully more and more ideas will surface. We'll try to address as many as we can. Currently, we’re working on Heroku support, Pivotal Labs CI Monitor support as well as thinking of a decent plugin system for BigTuna.

Stay tuned and be sure to let us know if you tried (or are still using) BigTuna and provide us with even more feedback!

Also, if you have any ideas on how to make people from other communities interested in BigTuna (it’s definitely not Ruby-only!), let me know in the comments)