We played some techno a couple days ago

Here's a set I played with Piotr, recorded live last Friday:

The release of BigTuna - Ruby community rocks!

Last week we (me and @michalbugno) have released BigTuna, a Continuous Integration server written in Rails 3 and using delayedjob. So what happened over the last few days?


Immediately after releasing BigTuna, it amassed some watchers on github. We noticed quite a few mentions of BigTuna on Twitter, with people immediately asking us for some screenshots or a demo of the app (a thing we actually forgot about). Our website soon reached a few thousand hits and by looking up Traffic Sources in Google Analytics we were able to determine that people are actually starting to use BigTuna to test their software. Which is an amazing feeling.

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Presenting BigTuna - Continuous Integration software

From the moment started working together, we (me and @michalbugno) thought of setting up a CI server. Back in my day at 80beans we used Hudson. However, it’s quite a monster when it comes to resource usage and we didn’t need that much functionality anyway.

We tried using Integrity, but the state of this project is disastrous - I mean COME ON!. Lately, CI Joe became more popular, but for me, its oversimplification killed its usability when you actually want to have more than one project, especially if they're not currently hosted on github. More on this on Michal's blog here

So what now?

We realized it can't be that hard to try and set up a CI server written ourselves. So we did code it in about 2 days, and after a few more we realized it is so good we'd like to share it with everyone else. We present to you..


BigTuna is a Continuous Integration server build on top of Rails 3 and using delayed_job for background processing. It is ultra easy to set up on e.g. nginx, it allows for multiple projects in one instance and, above all, its usability is top-notch! It is also easy to contribute to.

We hope you’ll love it and find it useful, as it made our work much easier. If you have any ideas or suggestions, be sure to post them in the comments. If you have ideas for features - go ahead - fork it on github and send us a pull requests (with tests please).